With Digital Marketing analysis, your strategy will be empowered by data instead of hunches, which will have an incredible impact on your ROI and overall success.

Data is a crucial part of the business world. Whether you want to organize your assets better or to find new customers, good data helps you solve your problems.


At SmartCode JS we help businesses merge their marketing data with performance analytics to drive profitability, and better compete in challenging markets.

If you’re looking for immediate help with analyzing your audience or improving your marketing results with a thorough marketing strategy, SmartCode JS can help.

Get your data to work for you!

What is a digital marketing analysis?

A thorough digital marketing analysis helps your company create a data-driven marketing strategy that best speaks to your audience and sets you apart from your competitors by exploring you, the market, your business and your audience.

What does a digital marketing analysis include?

Our digital marketing services include ,but are not limited to, next steps:

Complete review of your current marketing strategy, goals, and campaigns

Analysis of your audience personas and their behaviors, interests and beliefs

Creating your buyer persona (a detail descriptions of your target customer) based on gathered data

Explore the market and your competitors, their social media profiles, and campaigns

Creating a marketing plan backed by analyzed data and findings

Our Analytics toolbox

Google Analytics

Get a complete view on every interaction with your website and social networks.

Track every move of your website and social networks as well as  where the traffic comes from.

Get a complete view of your customers (age,  behavior on your website with proper tracking.

Google Tag Manager

Get a detailed analysis from your visitors’ journey through centralized traffic tool manager. With GTA you can manage your data across multiple websites and platforms

Google Data Studio

Create a comprehensive report by connecting all data from (Google Analytics, Google Tag manager, CMS, etc.) into a single platform and improve your decision making.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking follows the prospects’ interaction with your digital ads. It provides you with insightful data on your Ads performance and helps in making necessary changes for better conversion rates.


Supermetrics is an omnichannel tool that pulls PPC, social, web and SEO analytics data into a single platform and exports a visualized report.


Tableau is a visual analytics platform that helps in better understanding of data.